Colic, Teething, Ear-ache, Blocked noses, Poor sleep, Coughs, Constipation?

What if you could support your Child's health and well-being only using your hands?

As parents it is common to feel helpless when your child isn't well or is in pain. All you can do is give them cuddles and maybe some pain medication. 

Does your child seem to catch every cold that goes around or are they struggling to have regular bowel movements and everytime they try and have a poo they get distressed and seem in agony.

Perhaps your baby's nose is blocked and they can't feed or sleep, which means you won't be getting much sleep. 

What about when they are teething and their gums are inflamed and sore and you are all having sleepless nights. 

You would give anything to just take it all away from them and make them feel better, if only you could. 

You don't need to feel helpless, there is something you can do!

Who this course is for

This course is for every parent or carer who wants to be able to support their child's health and well-being in a natural way, strengthening their immune system so they are more resilient. 

It is also for you if you want to be able to ease your child's discomfort when they aren't well without reaching for pain medication as the only option. Yes there are times when pain medication may be necessary, but it shouldn't be the norm for young children. 

You are the best advocate for your child as you know them best. The tools you will learn will help you be more in tune with your child and is a gift that will grow with them. It will also help them to be more in tune with their body.

How you will feel after doing this course

You will feel Empowered and Confident as you will have incredibly effective tools to use to support your child's health and well-being in a natural, gentle and non-invasive way. 

You will feel more Connected with your child and less helpless knowing you will be able to help your child feel better if they aren't well or are feeling distressed.

Next time they wake up with a tummy bug in the middle of the night or as they are about to go to sleep, you will have the tools to ease their discomfort and help them get some rest.

When they catch a cold and it ends up in their chest, you will be able to help them breathe better and ease any coughs.

When they are upset you will have the tools to help calm them down.


Gina Hurley

I am a mum of three girls (14, 12 and 5), a wife and a Reflexologist and Meridian Therapist at Journey into Healing, among many other things. I am passionate about supporting and nurturing women and mothers to tune into their inner wisdom, using my own experience and what I have learned along the way. I have 14 years experience treating a range of conditions and helping my clients restore balance so they can be at their best and thrive. I have treated my own children from birth and also volunteered at Door of Hope in South Africa treating abandoned babies for a year before leaving South Africa. Reflexology for Little Feet was born out of my love to help mothers and parents wherever I can. I have taught this course in small groups and have had great feedback and would like to make it available online so more parents can have access to the incredible benefits that it offers. My wish is to teach and empower parents to support their children's health and well-being naturally so they can be more in tune with them.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Introduction

  • 2

    How Reflexology works, benefits and guidelines

    • How Reflexology works: Benefits and Guidelines

  • 3

    Module 1 - Treating the Head and Chest

    • Module 1 - Treating the Head and Chest

  • 4

    Module 2 - Treating the Digestive System

  • 5

    Module 3 - Calming the Nervous system and treating the joints

    • Module 3 - Calming the Nervous system and treating the joints

  • 6

    Module 4 - Full treatment

    • Module 4 - Full treatment

  • 7

    Bonus: Hand Treatment

    • Hand Treatment

  • 8

    Thank you

    • Thank you

Benefits you will experience

  • You can use these techniques wherever you are

  • Relaxing and calming

  • Helps to bond and connect with your child

  • Helps to clear blocked and snotty noses

  • Strengthens the immune system and increases resilience

  • Relieves colic, reflux, teething and ear aches

  • Eases pain

  • Calms emotional upsets and promotes good sleep

  • May reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks

  • Helps your child have regular bowel movements


Reflexology for Little Feet's online course is phenomenal!

by Kerry Solomon

" It's extremely comprehensive, and so easy to follow. In step-by-step videos, Gina demonstrates how to give your baby or child a reflexology treatment. The course includes detailed notes to download, so you can print these out and access them at any time. The videos are concise and clear, perfect for new and busy mums! Gina also addresses common ailments, which makes this a must-have for new mums. Reflexology has so many benefits, and this course teaches us how we can use it to gently support our children's health and well-being.."

Reflexology during pregnancy and in motherhood

by Annie Fraser

“ I have been having reflexology treatments from Gina for a few years now and the benefits are so noticeable. Initially, I went to Gina when I was pregnant with my fourth child and had been told he was lying transverse (breach). Gina helped me relax as I was finding the final stage of pregnancy unsettling with doctors appointments as well, but Gina’s gentle approach and calmness reassured me. She used various pressure points during my treatments and my baby turned into the head down position in plenty of time for birth. I was amazed at the success and ease of these treatments so have been seeing her for reflexology since. I also enjoyed her baby reflexology course and have helped my own four children to relax more before bed and along with various small ailments too. Gina has helped me with many health issues and emotional strains I have struggled with over the last few years and I always come away feeling relaxed, cared for and healed. Her vast knowledge of health, nutrition and self care is so beneficial too. I thoroughly recommend Gina if you have any health concerns, or if you just need some help to relax and gain some ‘me time’ for yourself.“

Reflexology helped ease coughing

by Yona

"My son couldn't stop coughing last night - until I used the reflexology you taught me on the Reflexology for Little Feet course - within a few minutes he was asleep and went on to sleep right through the night!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Reflexology?

    Reflexology is a holistic therapy (treats body as a whole) using a specific massage technique on the feet or hands to restore balance. When the body is balanced it is able to work the way it was meant to.

  • Will it help my baby sleep better?

    When you are relaxed you are better able to sleep and have a better quality of sleep. As Reflexology is deeply relaxing it will help improve sleep.

  • Can I treat my baby when they are sick?

    Yes you can. It is best to treat at the first sign of your little one struggling with something to help boost the immune system. The first sign is usually lethargy or feeling tired and sleeping more than usual. Make sure your pressure is light when they are sick as their reflexes will probably be more sensitive than usual.

  • Should I treat my baby even if there is nothing wrong?

    Yes. Reflexology is great at boosting the immune system and preventing illness as well as maintaining good health. When we are balanced our bodies are designed to fight off infection.

  • My baby cries a lot, can Reflexology help?

    The only way a baby can communicate with you when they are uncomfortable is through crying. It is their language, different cries mean different things. Reflexology will help if there is discomfort in their body by returning the balance, for example, moving along any trapped wind. It also helps to release endorphins, which are feel good hormones which also help ease pain. It is extremely relaxing and helps you connect with your baby.

  • Can these techniques be used on my older children too?

    Yes they can. The reflexes are the same they just have bigger feet. I will look at putting a course together for older children with a bit more detail and focusing on areas/concerns specific to them in the near future.

  • My baby seems to have trapped wind and be in pain, can Reflexology help?

    Yes. Reflexology will help to move that trapped wind along and out and the endorphins released will help with pain.

  • My baby is struggling to have regular bowel movements, can Reflexology help?

    Yes. The Reflexology technique to work the colon will help move things along and it is common for babies to have a bowel movement during or straight after a treatment. The bowels also relate to holding on and it may be worth looking at how you are feeling as baby is strongly connected to you and may sense how you are feeling and mirror that. When you are relaxed, the bowels can let go.

Reflexology for Little Feet

Learn how to support your child's health and well-being naturally

What parents have said about the course

  • "Calmer, longer nap that day"

  • "Fantastic course, which I will refer to for many years. You're very knowledgable and a great instructor."

  • "It inspired me to approach difficulties and challenges with a different approach"

  • "Easier breathing at night, tonsils not as swollen"

  • "Baby really enjoys it, opens toes in anticipation!"

  • “Baby calm, eased colic, better sleep”

  • “Improved eye condition”


Reflexology helps with ear problems

by Jenny Roberts

I had a course of Reflexology for little feet with Gina, she was very welcoming and relaxed. I now use these methods on my two girls often, one of whom has trouble with her ears, I can’t quite believe the difference it has made! Now when they are poorly, I know how I can help. Thanks Gina for your wisdom and guidance, I loved the course and would completely recommend it to anyone!

A highly recommended course.

by Carys Harman

It is great for stimulating little ones feet to calm or soothe many childhood ailments. Gina teaches some very easy moves that you can practice on your little ones at home or anywhere. Moves that are both very relaxing and therapeutic.

Reflexology is a wonderful way to calm little ones

by Laura Turner

My husband and I are enjoying starting to use these techniques on our toddler, she's benefitting from the connection, it's a wonderful way to calm after busy or hectic times of the day, especially since we don't have nap times any more! I can see us using these techniques (and the reminder pdf's) forever more in our family. Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge. Xx

Door of Hope

Supporting abandoned babies and helping to find them forever homes

This organisation is close to my heart after having volunteered with them for a year before leaving South Africa. I gave weekly treatments to the babies in their care and was amazed at the transformation I saw in them after having such a rough start in life. I loved the big smiles that greeted me when I arrived every week. So in support of them 10% of every course purchased will be donated to support their great work.

To find out more go to

Reflexology for Little Feet

Learn how to support your child's health and well-being naturally